About Royal Arch Freemasonry

The Royal Arch is described as the next progressive step in Freemasonry, or the completion of the Craft. Entry is available to anyone who has already attained the level of Master Mason or Mark Master Mason.





The candidate will firstly affiliate to the Chapter (if already a Mark Master Mason) and then complete the Degrees of Excellent Master and Holy Royal Arch to become a Royal Arch Mason.

The Chapter is ruled over by three Principals along with other appointed Office Bearers with the main characters being:

Zerubbabel – Prince of Jerusalem

Haggai – The Prophet

Joshua – The High Preist

Royal Arch Masons are known as Companions rather than Brothers. The word Companion is derived from two Latin terms which mean “with” and “panis / bread” and suggests that someone you shared your bread with could be trusted with your life and is actually a higher affinity than Brother.